Kayak ~ Sail ~ Surf!

In the calm waters of Isla Secas Resort, explore hidden coves, reefs, beaches and mangrove forests on a kayaking safari. Or visit natural phenomena like the blow hole or "Bufadora" on Isla Cavada. Have you ever dreamed about surfing on a tropical island with warm water waves all to yourself? This is your opportunity! Panama boasts year-round swells with solid surf from April through October.

Panama is a relatively untapped resource within the global surf scene. While ultra-popular surf destinations like Costa Rica are beginning to be overrun with tourism, traveling surfers are just now starting to take note of the surf opportunities in Panama. Two small islands, eighteen miles to the east (one hour by boat) of Islas Secas Resort, are the location of the Morro Negrito Surf Camp and some of the best surfing and most perfect and exhilarating waves in Panama. At Morro Negrito there are fifteen different waves to suit all levels, with perfect beach break (sand bottom) for learning and rocky/coral reef barreling for more advanced surfers. Depending on the swell and the tide, we go where the best waves are breaking!

Isla Secas Resort carries a wide range of surf equipment for use by our clients. 8' and 9' soft top foam boards for beginners, Two 7'6" BIC plastic top boards for those who are at the intermediate level. 7'0" fun board shaped by "Surf Prescriptions" for our guests who have more experience. Two state-of-the-art surf kayaks are also available. We have a selection of long-sleeved women's and men's rash guards, and plenty of wax and leashes.

Numbers are restricted, so no break is over-crowded. We can arrange single or multi-day excursions for our guests to the Morro Negrito Surf Camp. When there are no breakers in the rest of Panama, the surf is up at Morro Negrito!

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