Islas Secas, Panama

Located under the shadow of Panama's highest mountain, the dormant volcano Baru, and twenty-five miles from shore, Islas Secas Resort sits upon one of the sixteen uninhabited, pristine, jungle-clad volcanic islands in the Las Secas Archipelago. 

Bathed by the azure, rich waters of the Tropical Eastern Pacific and adorned with exotic wildlife, secluded bays, coves and spectacular private beaches, Islas Secas Resort provides an idyllic setting and is Panama's finest, private unique getaway destination. 

Whether you are enjoying the world class fishing, diving amongst our vibrant coral reefs bristling with marine life, hiking the islands to view the mangrove and exuberant tropical rain forest or indulging in a relaxing, romantic day on your own private island, Islas Secas Resort provides a truly unique experience for those seeking recreation, relaxation and privacy.

Limited to a maximum of fourteen guests, Islas Secas Resort is designed for active people who appreciate privacy, pristine natural surroundings, tasteful accommodations and the finest service and gourmet cuisine of any resort in Panama!

For those who seek adventure, there is a broad range of activities. Swimming and snorkeling, In-shore and Off-shore sport fishing, whale watching, surfing, kayaking, sailing, jungle trail hikes, bird watching and scuba diving.

Or simply relax, immersed in the multi-dimensional natural ambience, the sound of the ocean, the aroma of exotic wild flowers and a warm tropical breeze.

The accommodations consist of seven "Casitas", each occupying its own private, secluded location, nestled on the edge of lush tropical rain forest, with views over the beach and ocean.

Our experienced staff is always at hand to assist our guests. Specialist guides are also available for many of the activities offered.

The Islas Secas Resort, your destination to escape, relax, and pursue adventure!

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