"I can't imagine a more beautiful place to spend time, and the fishing was spectacular. It truly was the trip of a lifetime and I hope we can keep it going for years to come. Justin and I agreed that we don't think there is any other place to fish that goes to the extent that you all did for us. The Island, the fishing and the company were all more than we'd imagined. We will always rave about Islas Secas..."


Justin and Loren Rea

(Party of six; January 22-29, 2011)



"Our trip to Islas Secas was such a recreation and renewal...unencumbered by our daily concerns and in such a beautiful natural setting with warm people. Carter Andrews' breadth as an angler is amazing and his crew of Juan, Kid and Carlos were wonderful as well. Fighting that great fish and the entire fishing program now rank among my great life experiences.

I will never forget the grand ballet of birds, dolphin and tuna in the blue waters of the Pacific. After all these years of trying to organize a fishing trip with Carter, I am so pleased we finally made it happen.

We will do many more in the coming years!"


The Gardiners

(Party of two; 01/19/11 - 01/22/11)



"It was a unanimous vote to come back to stay with you again...The kids were so immersed. We are just home now settling in to the pollutants of life in a land-locked, technology-based, material needs-driven city! A far cry from where we were with you. I am so grateful for the experiences we were all able to enjoy and savor there on your island... I know our kids appreciated the finer things in life outdoors on the island with all of you, and for that I am ecstatic! Thank you so much!

What a special place to be able to be and to experience the real beauty and meaning of life!"


Nancy Miller

(Two-family party of eleven; 12/21/2010 - 12/26/2010)



"...While I was there they expertly catered to a surfing couple, a fishing family and me (diver). We all had boats to ourselves for our respective activities.

A word about the diving. It is probably Panama's best and they can take you into Coiba National Park... You will see large schools of pelagics and in certain areas (dives at 32 meters) white coral...

Alex the young chef turns out mouth-watering creations. And you can eat and do your activities whenever you want. My first day I kept asking "When are we diving, when is breakfast?", and the response was always, "When would you like to dive/eat/etc.?".

Service is truly excellent and you will leave feeling pampered and refreshed and meet some interesting fellow guests."

Karen Sinnigar


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