Sostenibilidad y Conservación en Secas

Sostenibilidad y Conservación en Secas

La visión para Islas Secas es crear un modelo para el desarrollo del turismo sostenible que respete el medio ambiente, la comunidad anfitriona, y que amplíe el aprecio de nuestros huéspedes por proteger los recursos naturales, y adoptar un estilo de vida más sostenible.

S ustainability, responsible stewardship and commitment to conservation and community are the driving forces at Islas Secas, from the resort’s construction and daily operation down to the smallest details. Evidence of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint starts here:

  • Islas Secas is considered an environmentally protected area under Panamanian law – approximately 75% of the archipelago will remain undeveloped.
  • 100% of energy consumption is powered by a 300-meter-long solar array.
  • 100% of guest water use is captured and reclaimed through a filtration system to provide surface irrigation and reduce impact on ground water supply.
  • 100% of food scraps are dehydrated and used for composting as fertilizer.
  • Islas Secas has no single-use plastic water bottles and is striving to eliminate all single-use plastic island-wide.
  • Guest facilities were constructed with certified sustainable wood and interior woods were pressure treated with non-toxic boric acid.
  • Staff rotation schedule minimizes boat transport.
  • Secas is restoring and maintaining the delicate ecosystem including growing native plants and planting thousands of endemic trees.
  • The privately funded Islas Secas Foundation supports in-country scientific research, as well as marine protection & conservation organizations working in the Gulf of Chiriqui area such as Wetlands International’s mangrove protection program, Panacetacea’s humpback whale research, and MarViva’s marine protected area work. (read more below)
  • Several ongoing research projects offer citizen science opportunities to guests, including Magnificent Frigatebird nesting colony and eBird monitoring projects. Responsible outdoor experiences include guided nature hikes, reef-safe snorkeling trips, and marine safaris.

The property and its sister non-profit, Islas Secas Foundation – the Panama affiliate of The Moore Charitable Foundation – contribute to local conservation and community projects in the Chiriquí region. By working together and partnering with like-minded conservation organizations, including Panama Audubon Society, MarViva, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, and Panacetacea, Islas Secas has become the leader in the area’s natural preservation and stewardship through a variety of important initiatives.

The Islas Secas project would not be possible without our Panamanian staff who bring our property and guest experience to life and ensure that tourism directly benefits the region’s residents. It is both our responsibility and privilege to support local communities through employment, capacity building, local sourcing practices, and education and development initiatives.

We hope that our guests’ experience at Islas Secas is proof that the travel industry can benefit conservation, cultural heritage, and local economies through sustainable properties and experiences that have a regenerative impact on each destination. There should be no other choice!







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