Day beds in the pool at Islas Secas resort allow guests to cool down while enjoying a spectacular view of the ocean | Islas Secas
A guest enjoys the magnificent sights on offer during the nature tours of the tropical wilderness of Islas Secas resort | Islas Secas
Two large birds fly over the horizon as the sun sets at Islas Secas resort | Islas Secas
A woman treads the shallows of the ocean on the beautiful islands of the Islas Secas resort | Islas Secas
Guests enjoy a spectacular diving experience at the Islas Secas resort | Islas Secas

5 wildly romantic experiences you can only find on Islas Secas

5 wildly romantic experiences you can only find on Islas Secas

When there’s a luxury romantic island getaway on the cards, Islas Secas takes things to another level…

1. The big blue

Hop aboard Cavada, our beautiful 50-foot Maverick yacht, and take a sunset tour of the islands. You’ll discover secret coves, forgotten caves and breathtaking sunset views, while being served a charcuterie and cheese board, and sipping on a cold glass of bubbles. The pink-tinged sky, gentle waves and occasional visiting bottlenose dolphins make this the perfect start for a luxury honeymoon.

Breathtaking sunset views from Cavada Boat

2. Bonfire night

It’s fine dining, but not as you know it… Our team will set up a table beneath the stars, located at a discreet distance from Terraza. And that’s just the beginning. With your toes in the sand, you’ll relax beside a dramatically roaring bonfire, lighting up the beach around you as you’re served a delicious, Panamanian-inspired five-course meal.

Fine dining beneath the stars

3. Castaway

Ever dreamed of being on a desert island? Now’s your chance. We’ll whiz you over to Canales beach, 15 minutes from the resort, where you’ll discover a gorgeous caramel-colored soft-sand beach, backed by rocks and crashing waves on one side, and calm turquoise waters on the other. Our team will leave you there, completely alone, for as long as you like.

A true desert island picnic experience at Canales beach

4. Dream time

Hide away in our jungle Spa, just the two of you, and enjoy a blissfully relaxing couples’ treatment. Mix your own scent with our playful Secascent Mixology box, succumb to a restorative massage and then, post-treatment, enjoy our homemade fruit popsicles in one of the Hummingbird Garden cocoons, immersed in the tropical rainforest.

The perfect setting for a blissfully relaxing couples’ treatment

5. Twinkle, twinkle…

Turn your gaze skywards and have an unforgettable evening of dazzling star-watching. Our Activities Manager Beny will welcome you to our landing strip, where two comfortable loungers will be set up alongside a powerful telescope and a cooler stocked with drinks. Enjoy the sunset, and then prepare to be amazed by the tropical constellations that slowly prick the darkening sky.

Skies that stargazers dream about

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