Day beds in the pool at Islas Secas resort allow guests to cool down while enjoying a spectacular view of the ocean | Islas Secas
A guest enjoys the magnificent sights on offer during the nature tours of the tropical wilderness of Islas Secas resort | Islas Secas
Two large birds fly over the horizon as the sun sets at Islas Secas resort | Islas Secas
A woman treads the shallows of the ocean on the beautiful islands of the Islas Secas resort | Islas Secas
Guests enjoy a spectacular diving experience at the Islas Secas resort | Islas Secas

Tropical Marine Safari

Tropical Marine Safari

Islas Secas is blessed with waters teeming with marine wildlife, both big and small

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A s one of the few places in the world boasting everything from migrating humpback whales, sea turtles and giant manta rays, to protected tropical reefs alive with a kaleidoscope of fish, our marine safaris in Panama offer a unique, front-row seat to the wonders of the Big Blue.

A safari like no other

Islas Secas is uniquely positioned to access some of the richest marine environments in the world. It takes just a step from our soft-sand beaches into the gently lapping emerald waters for you to experience first hand the biodiverse wealth of the waters of Panama’s Gulf of Chiriquí. But allow us to take you a little further for a fully immersive, responsible marine safari that you won’t forget.

Gulf of Chiriquí Whale Shark

From ocean-crossing pelagics…

Our marine safari boat experiences get you respectfully close to humpback whales in the world’s only known area shared by populations from both the southern and northern hemispheres. Pods of bottlenose dolphins, meanwhile, grace our waters year round, while the reefs are home to curious (and perfectly safe) white-tipped reef sharks. Take a trip to Coiba National Park and there may be the chance of glimpsing mysterious manta rays and nurse sharks.

Humpback Whales at Islas Secas


“There are many whale-watching destinations around the globe, but it's rare for one place to have two whale seasons a year. That's the reality in Panama, and perhaps most notably, the private 14-island archipelago 20 miles off the mainland in the Pacific Ocean.“

…to multicolored tropical wonders

The Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean, one of the most productive oceans in the world, is home to exceptional biodiversity, including pristine coral reefs home to hundreds of species. Our luxury private island resort in Panama is a quick boat ride from Coiba National Park, a UNESCO-designated Marine Protected Area, home to the second-largest coral reef in the Eastern Tropical Pacific, where you can snorkel and scuba dive amongst clouds of colorful fish.

Coiba National Park Coral Reefs

Take your pick

Head out on your own with a kayak or SUP and explore our hidden coves, stopping off to snorkel over colorful reefs, or take one of our marine safari boat excursions to witness migrating humpback whales and playing pods of dolphins. Scuba diving is probably the best way of getting close to the marine life, with 20 dive sites around our protected archipelago as well as trips into world-famous Coiba National Park offering diving – and PADI certification – for all levels and ages.

Kayak and explore the archipelago


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