Day beds in the pool at Islas Secas resort allow guests to cool down while enjoying a spectacular view of the ocean | Islas Secas
A guest enjoys the magnificent sights on offer during the nature tours of the tropical wilderness of Islas Secas resort | Islas Secas
Two large birds fly over the horizon as the sun sets at Islas Secas resort | Islas Secas
A woman treads the shallows of the ocean on the beautiful islands of the Islas Secas resort | Islas Secas
Guests enjoy a spectacular diving experience at the Islas Secas resort | Islas Secas


A hummingbird inspects a flower at Islas Secas, a resort with a large array of bird species under conservation protection | Islas Secas

Putting nature first lies at the heart of Islas Secas

Preserving our precious natural heritage drives everything we do. From scientific coral monitoring to a marine life census, our environmental team works with partners to ensure we keep the archipelago and wider Panama region protected. Guests, children included, are welcome to join our work and learn more about the area’s extraordinary biodiversity.

It is our absolute delight to share our brilliant seascape and our passion for its conservation on our private island marine safari. Enjoy a customised itinerary to cater to your party’s desires, and experience our wonderful wildlife led by conservation experts.

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Two large birds fly over the horizon as the sun sets at Islas Secas resort | Islas Secas

Habitat Restoration

Our program of invasive, non-endemic plant removal effectively restores the ecological balance of the islands. This has allowed us to repopulate the archipelago with thousands of native plants, grown in an on-site nursery. We have also worked closely with Audubon Panama to gain a better understanding of the archipelagos’ diverse bird habitats, with the aim to reintroduce threatened species in the future.

A man swims next to a turtle on a snorkelling expedition on offer to guests at Islas Secas resort | Islas Secas
A hummingbird drinks nectar from a flower at Islas Secas, one of the many protected species at the resort | Islas Secas

iNaturalist and eBird Monitoring

We keep a close eye on our biodiversity through the iNaturalist platform, and the birds that inhabit the archipelago are logged through eBird. Both are scientific data repositories that help scientists find and use information to inform conservation action. Guests are encouraged to participate by reporting what they discover.

Two tropical birds call to each other from the branch of a tree at Isla Secas resort, a haven for local wildlife | Islas Secas
A tropical bird flies in front of the moon, one of the many species of bird under conservation protection at Islas Secas resort | Islas Secas

Frigatebird Monitoring

Islas Secas boasts Panama’s second-largest colony of soaring frigates (Fregata magnificens). Guests are invited to take part in our ongoing study of their permanent, active marine colonies in the Gulf of Chiriquí, which counts the nesting birds at least four times a year.

Tropical birds skim the waters of the ocean surrounding Islas Secas, a resort with an abundance of bird species | Islas Secas

Beny Wilson

“This is the richest and most diverse area of the Eastern Pacific Ocean, which makes conservation here so important – and provides the opportunity to share the unique flora and fauna with our guests.”
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Conservation Manager Beny Wilson poses for a photo before giving a personlised naturalist tour to guests at Isla Secas | Islas Secas

One Step Beyond

The privately funded Islas Secas Foundation, an affiliate of The Moore Charitable Foundation, supports important scientific research, conservation and community projects within the Gulf of Chiriquí area and Panama.

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One of the many birds flies high above the treetops at Islas Secas, a resort that is a bird watchers paradise | Islas Secas
A sea eel visible at the bottom of the sea bed during a diving excursion at Islas Secas resort | Islas Secas

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