Day beds in the pool at Islas Secas resort allow guests to cool down while enjoying a spectacular view of the ocean | Islas Secas
A guest enjoys the magnificent sights on offer during the nature tours of the tropical wilderness of Islas Secas resort | Islas Secas
Two large birds fly over the horizon as the sun sets at Islas Secas resort | Islas Secas
A woman treads the shallows of the ocean on the beautiful islands of the Islas Secas resort | Islas Secas
Guests enjoy a spectacular diving experience at the Islas Secas resort | Islas Secas


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The bedroom of one of the tented Casitas at Isla Secas resort that overlooks a balcony allowing guest to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the resort | Islas Secas

Islas Secas is honored to be a member of Virtuoso, a leading global network of more than 20,000 luxury travel advisors and over 1,400 carefully curated travel providers around the world, ranging from landmark hotels and resorts to intimate retreats and private islands. When it comes to experiencing the most incredible places to stay and the most life-defining experiences to pursue, it's all about who you know.

Two canoes sail in the azure waters that surround the Islas Secas resort | Islas Secas

Being part of the PURE community is about having attitude, commitment and the belief that travel can be more than just an industry. Islas Secas is pleased to be member of this community which brings together experiential travel’s most inspiring names to collaborate in creating unique travel experiences and find new ways of changing worlds, both for travelers and local communities.

A longshot of the beach outside the Terraza at Islas Secas, that offers guest refreshment and a space to relax | Islas Secas

Beyond Green is a collection of mindful destinations, resorts and hotels that believe that traveling well, and with intention, can be a powerful force for renewing our planet and enhancing the lives of all its people. We are proud to be part of this nascent group committed to demonstrating sustainable tourism leadership through actions and impact that also delivers a wonderful guest experience.