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Sustainability at Islas Secas

Sustainability at Islas Secas

Secret Secas: #1 Uniforms

written by Islas Secas
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T he sustainability credentials at our private island eco-resort run throughout Islas Secas – in places you might never notice. In the first of this new series, we show you why even our uniforms are good for the environment…

It was childhood holidays on the Greek island of Lefkada that first inspired Tom Cotter.

His mission from a young age was to reduce plastic pollution in our seas, which is how OceanR was born, a range of activewear and uniforms made from eco-friendly materials derived from ocean waste.

Islas Secas is proud to partner with OceanR on sustainable uniforms. We are jointly committed to a vibrant ocean free of plastic.

Our team’s 100% carbon-neutral inspiring uniforms

And that’s why we’ve partnered with them to create our team’s inspiring uniforms. You wouldn’t know it from looking at them, but each cool and airy shirt, and every pair of beautifully-printed yoga leggings, removes 1kg of plastic from the oceans. This is thanks to OceanR’s innovative work with Enaleia, a non-profit social enterprise that enables fishermen to tackle overfishing and plastic pollution. Added to this is the fact that OceanR is 100% carbon neutral, and is currently on track to achieving B-Corp certification. And the goal for this year? To remove 50,000kg of ocean waste from the ocean.

It’s these light, below-the-radar touches that we love here at Islas Secas.

Working always towards protecting and preserving our natural islands along with the extraordinary waters of the Gulf of Chiriquí, partnering with OceanR is just one way we weave our sustainable ethos throughout our private island resort.


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