Day beds in the pool at Islas Secas resort allow guests to cool down while enjoying a spectacular view of the ocean | Islas Secas
A guest enjoys the magnificent sights on offer during the nature tours of the tropical wilderness of Islas Secas resort | Islas Secas
Two large birds fly over the horizon as the sun sets at Islas Secas resort | Islas Secas
A woman treads the shallows of the ocean on the beautiful islands of the Islas Secas resort | Islas Secas
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5 Days of Adventure: Luxury Private Island Rental in Panama

5 Days of Adventure: Luxury Private Island Rental in Panama
written by Islas Secas
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It’s the ultimate vacation experience: a private island buyout on Islas Secas in Panama, for just you and your nearest and dearest. Here’s what a truly exclusive adventure can look like…

Day One

You’ve just arrived and we’re showing you and your guests around your very own private island resort. Stroll around your own Casita, gaze at the soaring surrounds of Terraza, take in the view from the infinity pool and then just stop. Stop and take it all in: the tropical vegetation, the silky-soft sand, the lapping emerald waters and the call of the jewel-bright birds in the trees – your personal playground for the duration of your private island buyout. Then sit back and enjoy a locally-inspired bespoke feast with your guests as the sun sinks into the Pacific.

Islas Secas Archipelago

Day Two

Everything – and we mean everything – is included in your private island rental at Islas Secas, perfect for yourfamily reunion, milestone celebration or group vacation. While some of your party can head out to get their PADI certification, others might want to have a half-day’s fishing excursion or a hike in the rainforest, before you all gather for a secret desert island lunch on Canales beach, complete with a scrumptious picnic and beach games. Our team is on hand to create any experiences you wish for, from full-party excursions to lazy days in our fragrant Secascent Spa. Just leave it to us.

Pargo Island Experience

Day Three

This is your private luxury island rental and your time, so you can be as active or relaxed as you wish. Your guests can relax in the breezily chic selection of Casitas while our team organizes the perfect day for your special celebration, reunion or wedding. Head out on a private whale-watching trip, get competitive with our selection of fun watersports, and then watch the sunset from our luxury boat, with bubbles and canapés accompanying views of frolicking dolphins in the waves. Round the day off with a delicious five-course celebration dinner created by our talented chefs in Terraza.

Five-course celebration dinner

Day Four

While Islas Secas is ideal for honeymoons, weddings and grown-up escapes, it also offers the perfect family vacation, with a wide selection of tailormade activities on offer for all ages. Let us arrange something to suit your crew, from snorkeling and fishing, to playing wildlife bingo, taking rainforest hikes or learning how to make the freshest ceviche. Then it’s party time! Relax with just-mixed cocktails while the team entertains the kids and our DJ spins tunes. Dinner is a beach BBQ of just-caught seafood while you and your guests dance in the sand below an inky sky scattered with stars.

Hiking and Kayaking Multisport Activity

Day Five

After a reviving cooked-to-order breakfast, it’s time to say goodbye. But it’s not farewell forever as you and your guests will leave with memories to last a lifetime – memories of a private island rental that surpassed all expectations.

Mango Pool


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